When Do I Travel For My Network Marketing Business?

  • November 25, 2015

When starting a network marketing business or even once you start expanding your business interstate or Internationally a common question is “When should I jump on a plane, spend money and time to help my team members build their business productively?” and its a good question. My answer is in the video below:

It’s a question that I had about 5 years ago and looking back it’s a mistake I made in my first company.

Now that I have over 100,000 people in my network across 82 different countries it is something I have got to see and got to know well as I travel extensively all over the world helping to educate, coach and inspire people to live life on their terms through network marketing.


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You see as one of my mentors once said – “In the bigger picture it’s not what you make, it’s what you keep” and far to often I see networkers get all excited about their new enrolment in Indonesia (or anywhere in a far away land) that has told them that they will get to the top in 3 months and can put 100 people in front of them tomorrow……… now sometimes this is the case, if so, continue to be very excited. But mostly this is not the reality.

Here is my take on how to expand you business all over the world profitably. Build local, but think global. It will make your business more fun, your business will have longevity, you will keep it a very low overhead business and you will only spend money on it when it is profitable to do so.

Good luck taking your business all over the world and remember you are doing this to live life on your terms.

PS – If your company is not in at least 100 countries in 2015 and beyond you have a dinosaur company. With social media and all the other technologies that are available today you are leaving so much money on the table if you are not a global new age business. My company is now in 130 countries and just 6 years old. Check it out: