“How to LIVE LIFE ON YOUR TERMS in under 3 years”



To personally work closely with 2,000 Entrepreneurs and give them the Blueprint on how to live life on their terms, which will in turn influence more than 1,000,000 people to do the same and create a global movement during these uncertain times. Residual income is the best way to create your dream lifestyle, to create freedom, to have fun and to have choices that ultimately allow you to “Live Life On Your Own Terms.

But let’s go back to the beginning…

Aaron grew up on a farm in the mid north of South Australia and says that this was a great place to learn good old fashion work ethic and many other amazing life lessons as a young boy. He has three brothers and one sister.

Showing signs as an Entrepreneur before he even started school he used to sell his birthday presents back to his brothers and sister for $1. He then graduated to growing and selling fruit and vegetables and many other ventures as a young guy on the farm.

After school Aaron headed to the city with an opportunity to pursue his dream of playing Australian Rules Football at the highest level. While he was successful at state level he never made the national level and so the pull of Entrepreneurship kept tugging away.

After reading the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki at the age of 21 Aaron literally quit his job, sold his car and bought his first business – a fitness club on the beach in Glenelg South Australia. This opened up the flood gates to the world as an Entrepreneur. At this time Aaron’s motivation was to become financially free as fast and as young as possible, then move to Paradise – Noosa Heads in Queensland, Australia. That was the plan.

Over the next 10 years Aaron would devote every spare second to reading, listening, attending and watching anything he could on personal development, marketing, Real Estate and anything to do with wealth creation and business.

He made a success of the fitness industry in Adelaide and later with two gyms in Sydney winning many awards. He had also acquired a multimillion dollar property portfolio by this time.

Along the journey Aaron also tried or researched just about every other business you can think of and became a real student of what opportunities were out there. He had a few hundred thousand dollars in the bank and at age of 28 was pretty happy with his efforts.

However just a few years later after the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 the properties he owned felt more like a burden of overhead expenses than a sexy portfolio of wealth creation. He had spent all his savings on Real Estate deposits, wealth creation education or business start-ups –some successful and some not so much. To make things worse Aaron had lost the passion for traditional business and especially the fitness industry. On top of that his sale of one of his gyms had now fallen through and at age 32 he found himself back working 100 hours per week in a business that he had no interest in.

Aaron was now losing $5,000 a month in business was $10,000 behind on mortgage repayments and had $300,000 in personal loan debts. He was miserable, stressed, broke and 30 days from bankruptcy.

Luckily with shear hard work, a strong mindset and an amazing partner in Nicole he was able to sell one of his gyms and a couple of properties to free up some breathing space and keep the banks off his back.

Never giving up on his dreams Aaron had kept looking for the ultimate business, but this time in the new age of business category. No longer was he willing to have risk, stress, overheads, staff and trade time for money.

His motivation had now moved from “money” to “lifestyle”. He realised it wasn’t about the money at all, but more the freedom. He wanted to start a family and be there for his kids, he wanted to have choices every single day which most people don’t. He wanted to have fun along the way and help others all over the world do the same.

With the brand name “Deck Chair Millionaire” he dubbed the tag line “Live Life on Your Terms”. He felt this could relate to everyone that had a dream. It wasn’t about millions of dollars, ego or even money at all. It was simple about living your life on your own terms instead of somebody else’s. Now he just needed a vehicle to do that with.

In 2011 he found the perfect business vehicle. Whilst Aaron had dabbled in Network Marketing over the last 15 years he had never done it the “New Age” way. He had never looked at it as a million-dollar business model but more of something to do on the side. This was despite making some pretty good money in this industry including having the number one business in Australia for his previous company. With the boom of the industry post 2008 he decided to look at this model as a serious option.

The rest they say is history.

Aaron was able to replace his income very quickly using the new age of Network Marketing. After 12 months with this company Aaron sold all traditional businesses that he had and put his full time efforts into Network Marketing.

At age 36 Aaron found himself in the top 80 Network Marketers in the World according the to the global top 200 earners list. He moved to his dream location in Noosa Heads, Queensland, got married, started a family and ultimately Aaron lives life on his terms. Every dream he ever had came to reality through the new age of business, through creating a residual lifestyle income.

Aaron loves to travel the globe helping people of all walks of life, cultures and countries to live life on their terms. When he is not doing that he is working from home (Or just sitting on the beach) with his two beautiful boys Beau and Cruz with the support of his amazing wife Nicole. It truly is a blessed lifestyle and business.

Ticking bucket list items off all over the world is a fun part of this lifestyle business. Through Network Marketing Aaron has:

•Experienced Safari’s in South Africa.
•Helicoptered over New York and the Swiss Alps.
•Drank $1,000 bottles of red wine in Tuscan castles.
•Private tours throughout Rome.
•Dived with great white sharks and sky dived in Australia.
•Bungy jumped in Bali.
•Driven a Ferrari around Los Angeles.
•Swam with dolphins in Hawaii.
•Played in a surprise celebrity basketball game in front of 10,000 people in the Philippines.
•Jet skied and stayed in an over the ocean bungalow in Bora Bora Tahiti.
•Cruised VIP through the Mediterranean.
•Driven through the Dubai desert.
•Climbed the tallest building in the world and snow skied in their indoor snow fields.

...and many more crazy adventures. Stay tuned to my blog for more upcoming adventures.

Aaron is the founder of Deck Chair Millionaire and is a recognised brand all over the world. He speaks to tens of thousands of Entrepreneurs each year and works closely coaching people that are serious about following in his footsteps. There is a formula to doing it fast and Aaron loves to create each individuals blue print based on their strengths and vision for where they want to go.

Aaron is regularly featured on the most popular Networking media sites such as MLMNation.net, BusinessForHome.org, ToddFalcone.com and NetworkingTimes.com just to name a few.

On top of Network Marketing, Aaron still loves the property side of wealth creation. So in 2018 Aaron and his wife Nicole seeing another “New Age” strategy in the short term rental market with the emergence of AirBnB, Booking.com etc founded BnB Hosts and later BnB Professional Blueprint. This is now the number one education course and community for income in the short term rental space in Australia.

Eager to influence 1,000,000 people to live life on their terms and create a global movement after the COVID 19 Pandemic, Aaron continues his passion each and every day.

“I think people have now seen first-hand that they can not rely on just one source of income. I have been preaching this for over 10 years now, but many people get very “comfortable” and think the good times will keep rolling on, their job will be there forever and their business will keep on ticking over.

We have now seen that it can all change very quickly and more than ever before, people are looking for leaders, looking for an answer and looking for a home based business. I’m committed to teaching them this model and how to do it professionally so that they can turn this plan B into a plan A and never look back. For some it will be a blessing, not only will their financial situation be saved, but their lifestyle is about to improve as well and that is far more valuable” says Aaron.

Apart from that, being a hero to his kids and spending every spare second with his family at home in paradise is really all the choices he needs.

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I Highly Recommend Working With Aaron

Aaron Byerlee has been my mentor in network marketing for 2 years. He has taught me everything I know, having had no previous experience in the industry. Aaron is a great guy to work with. He gives his time unconditionally to those who are willing to take the actions he recommends. He is a wealth of knowledge about the Network Marketing Industry, Internet Branding, generating leads, sales and public speaking. I highly recommend working with Aaron if you want to fast track your way to residual income that can change your life.


Networking Skills Is What Sets Him Apart

Aaron is not only an engaging presenter on stage, his ability to TEACH networking skills is what sets him apart from the rest.


Aaron Is Inspiring And Extremely Willing To Share

I joined in business with Aaron 18 months ago and met him at my second business meeting. Aaron introduced himself and offered to help out with anything I may need. Aaron has always being available and extremely helpful. Even in my case, no blonde question is ever too dumb. Aaron is inspiring and extremely willing to share all his tips and content email support with all kinds of information. I feel so grateful to have joined an incredible company and have 100% support all the time.


He Practices What He Teaches

I have known Aaron for almost two years and I have found him to be the real deal. He practices what he teaches, doesn’t just talk the talk but walks the walk. I am not the most easily coachable person but Aaron hasn’t given up on me. In fact, he has a great deal of energy and patience. He wants everyone in his team to succeed and attain the highest standard and level that he has through hard work and unwavering commitment. If I follow what he teaches I know that I will be at the top right next to him, you are a legend Aaron Byerlee.


Aaron Has Shown Me a New Way of Thinking Into Success

I have known Aaron for nearly 2 years and during that time he has taught me so many things I thought as a successful business woman in my own right, I would already know. Aaron has shown me a new way of thinking into success, realising goals and to keep on achieving. He has an uncanny knack of stretching my business skills to where I didn’t know it was possible. I owe a lot of my own success to Aaron and the team he has built around him.


Aaron Is A Genuine Leader

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working alongside Aaron since 2011. In the last 3 years of I have seen a true professional emerge. They say “consistency” precedes “mastery”. Well after watching Aaron present at a recent event I witnessed a man that had achieved “Mastery” of his craft. Aaron is a genuine leader that has consistently walked the talk and not just talked the talk like some so called leaders do. His passion for sharing his entrepreneurship and living life on your terms is second to none. It is his drive that inspires others to follow suit. If you are serious about partnering with an entrepreneur that can assist you achieve your best, coach you and hold you accountable as well as have fun along the way, Mr Aaron Byerlee has to be your man.


Driven and Entrepreneurial

It is very rare to find someone so young, driven and entrepreneurial, the way Aaron is. I have known him for many years and in that time he has taught me that hard work, determination and consistent effort will help you achieve your goals. He will support and mentor anyone who is prepared to knuckle-down and give it a 110%. A brilliant example of someone who “Walks the walk and talks the talk".


One of The Top Mentors In The Company

It gives me great pleasure to say a few words about my business coach Aaron Byerlee. It all started when I found this exceptional direct sales company, however the big question was who would coach me on this journey to make it a reality and a success? I looked for weeks and that’s how I found Aaron to be one of the founders and one of the top mentors in the company. It’s been over a 6 months now working with Aaron and I must say he is a great leader with loads of experience and tremendous amount of energy in mentoring thousands of people. Aaron is an author, public speaker and has wealth of knowledge in network/internet marketing, branding, lead generation and the fact is that it’s very rare to find a leader in the network marketing industry to have all this. Aaron helped me to build my business and expand it into 6 countries in less than 6 months. He helped me reach my goal title in 90 days so I could get my extra bonus. I can’t wait to help my team build a global business along side this great leader. Aaron goes beyond call of duty and he is willing to do whatever it takes to help those serious individuals to reach their dream and I’m very grateful to have him as my mentor and great friend. I highly recommend working with Aaron if you’re a serious and committed individual looking to succeed in the network marketing industry and generate great RESIDUAL income.


He Helps Me See And Reach My Own Potential

I have been in the Home Business industry for 8 months now and have seen Aaron Byerlee present numerous times on stage. The energy he brings to his presentations is infectious. I am motivated and inspired by every word. I’ve recently been privileged to work closely with Aaron as he helps me see and reach my own potential. It’s very rare to have such a wonderful leader make time in their day to help a team member. Thanks again for your support Aaron, I look forward to great things in the future!


A Fantastic Mentor And Role Model

Aaron is passionate about helping others achieve success, it doesn’t matter if you have proven yourself in the business industry before or whether you are a clean slate, he will bend over backwards to help you. I have found Aaron to be a fantastic mentor and role model over the last 6 months. Through putting his methods into practice and taking on board his advice I am now more confident than ever to take my business all the way.


100% Support And Simple Instruction Made All The Difference

I have dabbled in many MLM companies and was very hesitant to step into another ‘great’ opportunity. Aaron being so generous with his time, 100% support and simple instruction made all the difference. Not only is this business truly a great opportunity, Aaron is one of the best business leaders I’ve worked with.


Aaron Has Helped Me Live My Dream Lifestyle

My name is Steven Baker, I have known and worked with Aaron for the past 6 years. I was a first timer in MLM and I attribute a lot of my success to Aaron and his mentoring. He helped me grow my first business to heights of $30,000 residual income per month. I didn’t think that would be possible so quickly. I have joined Aaron in a new company around 2 years ago. With his mentoring and guidance, in my first year I achieved full time residual income again and am currently one of the top income earners in Australia. Aaron has helped me live my dream lifestyle, I work part time at home, I travel, see friends and family and am able to spend my time doing the things in life that are most important to me. I go onto his coaching website www.deckchairmillionaire.com every day and always find his advice instrumental in hitting my goals. Aaron leads by example, and always backs up his training in the field. He is always willing to help others. Aaron has huge drive and enthusiasm, which is infectious within the team, so it’s no wonder he has the fastest growing business in Australia. Thanks for all your help mate I look forward to a bright, lucrative and fun future with you.


Someone You Want In Your Life If You Are Looking For Great Success

I have know Aaron for only six months but in this short time he couldn’t do enough to help me in any way he can. He always makes time to take a phone call or meet in person to help others achieve their goals. His energy, passion & enthusiasm is inspiring & he is definitely someone you want in your life if you are looking for great success.


Lives By The Guidelines For Success That He Teaches

I have worked with Aaron Byerlee for the last two and a half years. During this time I have found him to be an inspirational leader in both business and life in general. Aaron is always someone who walks his talk. He lives by the guidelines for success that he teaches his team and expects this in return, thus facilitating people to reach extraordinary heights.


I Can’t Thank Aaron Enough For What He Has Done For My Business

I have had the pleasure of working with Aaron Byerlee for the last 2 years now. I have found him to be very professional and very passionate about his journey to helping thousands of people living life on their terms. Aaron has achieved his own financial freedom, he has sold up his traditional businesses and is now earning life changing RESIDUAL income working from home, while also enjoying his travels all over the globe. Aaron has helped me build my business in 7 different countries now and with his amazing help I am building the next big explosion in the Nigerian market through countless 3 way calls, conference calls and one on one meetings. Aaron and I are building a huge business by helping my team achieve their goals and aspirations. I can’t thank Aaron enough for what he has done for my business, my family and my team.


Truly Blessed To Have The Pleasure of Working With Him

Since I have known Aaron Byerlee, first as a Facebook friend, then as a business colleague and now as friends over the past 5years, he has been nothing short of dependable and consistent. I have witnessed Aaron achieve title after title in his business and mentor myself and others in his team to do the same. Aaron is as authentic as they come and will match energy with energy plus a little more and has taught me the value in doing so. From the first day I personally met with Aaron he has always motivated and inspired me by his, (what seems) effortless, passion and commitment he devotes to ensuring the growth of his teams business. Aaron would have to be one of the most incredible, loyal, devoted mentors in business I have ever had the pleasure to be mentored by and feel truly blessed to have the pleasure of working with him on a daily basis, 24/7.


Aaron Is a True Entrepreneur, With a Clear Vision For The Future

I have only known Aaron Byerlee for a few short months, but what an impact he’s made on me in that time. Aaron’s burning desire to “live life on his terms” is infectious and his passion to lead others in achieving their personal dreams and goals is clearly evident by the success he’s had as one of the founding leaders of the company we work together in Australia in such a short time. Aaron is a fantastic public speaker who imparts his wisdom and knowledge willingly and easily. For me personally, I have found him to be extremely approachable, motivating and encouraging. He’s willing to take anyone under his wing and guide you on your own path to personal success. I cannot wait to see what my future holds knowing that I have such amazing support. Aaron is a true entrepreneur, with a clear vision for the future and without a doubt I know that he’ll definitely create many, many more Deck Chair Millionaires.


He Has Coached Me To Where I Am Today

I have known and worked with Aaron for 5 years. Network Marketing is something I knew nothing about. Aaron is a very honest, genuine and sincere person. Aaron’s achievements are an inspiration, his leadership skills truly are amazing and he has coached me to where I am today. Aaron never judges anyone. If you’re willing to put in the time, he is willing to help you achieve your goals and dreams. I have always worked hard, but with the opportunities and trainings Aaron has presented to me I can honestly say it has changed my life and it’s still only the beginning. Aaron is the real deal and if you’re serious about your business so is he.


Best Decision I Have Ever Made

After months of due diligence studying the ‘’Work from home’’ arena, making the decision to partner with Aaron Byerlee was the easiest and best decision I have ever made. The commitment Aaron has to his team and to his company is second to none. Aaron has invested so much time in mentoring my team and myself – countless calls, online presentations, face-to-face meetings, running live events globally, all so that we can build our own personal businesses. He is truly selfless. As first-timer working from home, with Aaron’s help and guidance I have been able to build a team of distributors to over 2,500 people in 13 different countries in 18 months. Aaron’s support in helping me lay a solid foundation for my business has me on my way to living life on my terms. Being in business for yourself, with Aaron Byerlee by your side will be the best decision you have ever made. Thankful, grateful and an honor to be working alongside the best in the business!


Helped Me Launch My Global Dream Business

For the last 12 months I have been fortunate enough to work with Aaron Byerlee – The Deck Chair Millionaire. Aaron is one of the most dedicated mentors in the business and has been instrumental in helping me launch my Global dream business. His honest and raw approach to helping people succeed makes him a dynamic individual. This is one guy that really knows his stuff and how to communicate it in a way that anybody can understand! Aaron is the real deal, living the dream and helping many others along the way.


No Nonsense Business Ethics Is What I Respect Most About Him

I met Aaron Byerlee 18 months ago while starting out in Network Marketing. For that whole 18 months he has been committed, passionate, determined and the most reliable mentor I have had. If he says he is going to do something he does it. No matter how busy, he always has the time to talk and will always match energy with energy. His enthusiasm and encouragement for living life on your own terms and his no nonsense business ethics is what I respect most about him.


Working With Aaron Has Been An Absolute Privilege

Working with Aaron has been an absolute privilege. His depth of knowledge, willingness to help others realise their dreams and pure energy inspires me to become everything I can possibly be.


Extremely Professional Approach And High Level of Service

WOW – Where has the time gone? I have known Aaron Byerlee for almost 2 years when I was first introduced to the incredible world of network marketing. Aaron has been very successful in a diverse range of industries and utilises all his skills, abilities, experience and expertise to help and show you how you can achieve your dreams and, as he would say “live life on your terms”. He is a great leader and mentor who is passionate about helping others achieve success. He brings so much energy, a fantastic attitude to everything he does and inspires those around him to reach their full potential. I would like to express my thanks to Aaron for his extremely professional approach and high level of service that he continually provides on a regular basis. Being new to the network marketing industry and knowing nothing, his attention to detail, knowledge, constant feedback, professional manner together with a great sense of humour was greatly appreciated. I’m very grateful for everything that I have been taught and continue to learn from him. The last 2 years working with Aaron and his team has been an incredible journey and I look forward to many more. I highly recommend that you check out his website www.deckchairmillionaire.com and make contact with Aaron to see how he can help you ‘live life on your terms’.