Wealth Creation Formula

  • December 24, 2009

On your journey towards Wealth Creation you will come across a lot of different people, a lot of different information and a lot of different opportunities. To be successful there is a formula you need to follow no matter what path you take.

Would you like to know the Wealth Creation formula?

Of course you do and I am happy to share it with you….

You only need three components to be successful:


You need a Dream. You need to have not just a “vision” of what you want to achieve, not just a wish that you would like to come true but a BURNING DESIRE to achieve whatever is your dream. For some of us it may be to become wealthy on retirement, for some of us it may be to become wealthy quickly while you are young, for some it may be to be at the top of their game in business or elite sport etc. Maybe it’s to spend more time with your family or just the ability to do what you want when you want rather than being a slave to your job. Whatever your dream is it needs to be clear and you need to have a BURNING DESIRE to make it happen.

I believe everyone reading this article has already achieved this. If you are reading this article then you have a dream to be successful, you have a dream to have a better life otherwise you would not be searching, reading and would not be here. So CONGRATULATIONS, I believe you have achieved the first step. Make sure now your dream is a clear vision in your head and is also written up somewhere where you can see it everyday. Make sure you read it OUT LOUD TWICE EVERYDAY. Someone wise once said to me “the only difference between a Millionaire and a Billionaire is that Millionaires read their goals out loud once a day and Billionaires read their goals out twice a day!!! Interesting!!! If you do this you will know that you are no longer “wishing it” you now have that burning desire to be successful.

2 – THEME.

If wealth is a big goal of yours and now that you have your “Millionaire Mindset” you will need a vehicle to create income. Now you can use your “job” if you like, that is one vehicle for income. However this is not our chosen vehicle for income to create wealth or living your ultimate lifestyle. If you have a job chances are you get paid for it RIGHT!! I hope so, however to get paid you have to trade time for money. Now you may like your job or at least don’t hate it and that is great you are lucky but you still don’t have a choice of when you go in and what hours you work. Chances are you don’t get paid as much as you would like too. Even if you do the stress, time, workload, travel, hours and lifestyle is not helping you live your ultimate lifestyle.

We are all about PASSIVE INCOME. We are about leverage, making money while you sleep, making MASSIVE amounts of money, doing what you love, not trading time for money and living our ultimate lifestyle. Hopefully you have some similar goals.

Our Wealth creation vehicles are all researched and tried and tested (we are using all of them right now). They are all designed to be as passive as possible so you can spend minimal time on them and maximum income from them. Our vehicles are there waiting for you to tap into today and we can help you get started.

3 – TEAM

The final piece of the puzzle you need for success is a Team. Can you do it all yourself and be successful? Probably if you are exceptional, but I would suggest it would be short term and you would not be living your dream lifestyle, because you would be juggling too many balls. You will need a great team around you so you don’t have to be an expert in every single field of success.

Good luck and I look forward to sharing your success with you.

Til next time

Aaron and Craig

Goldie 2010

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