MLM Marketing Series – 3

  • January 10, 2012

When it comes to MLM Marketing there are literally dozens if not hundreds of ways that you can do this. One of the best ways and the beautiful thing about this business is word of mouth marketing. It’s free and allows anyone with a burning desire to go forth and build a large MLM empire. Of course there are many other ways to market now days including the power of the Internet.

At my company “The Deck Chair Millionaires” we have pioneered the phrase “The New Age Of Network Marketing” because that’s exactly what is happening out there in the industry today. We no longer have to hassle friends and family, cold call or go door knocking.

The power of the Internet, the rise and popularity of MLM and the amount of people out there hurting and looking for an opportunity right now have created a massive Home Business Boom and in particular MLM. Tap into the new age of MLM Marketing and you will find yourself with a successful business.

Ok, this is article number 3 of my 7 series new age MLM marketing strategies.

The 5th best way that we are generating incredible leads for our MLM business is through referrals. This seems like a very simple and often overlooked MLM marketing strategy but I can tell you from experience that is has been one of the best for us (5th best for leads in-fact).

The number 1 best thing about this strategy is that the leads are generally quality and one of the highest converting. This can be one of your best MLM marketing strategies.

This does generally require the “scary” thought of picking up the phone. But I am presuming that if you are reading this article you are one of the serious MLM marketing contenders and actually have the burning desire to grow your business no matter what. Fear of the phone is just code for “not enough desire”.

That said here is how we have done it with great success.

Get a list of the top (and I mean the Top) business people and Entrepreneurs that you know. Call them up and ask them for a referral that you can call about a business opportunity that you think is going to explode. You are only looking for smart switched on business leaders at this stage.

What we have found with this MLM marketing strategy is that our business has exploded. 98% of the time that we have asked for referrals we have received at least 1 great referral. Most of the time we average 3.

50% of the time we ask these “top business” people they end up joining the business first (just in case). The fear off loss and the potential gain for Entrepreneurs is too much of a carrot to ignore in most cases.

20% of the time that person that we rang ends up building the business to some degree. Sometimes to a huge business and sometimes just those first few initial leads.

But what this MLM marketing strategy does is open you up to the “right” people that have a very god chance of been one of your best business builders. Because they are a referral from a respected friend they will always hear you out. You have a great chance of enrolling these people into your primary business.

Of course if they say no, remember to ask that person for a referral or 3 as well. This one strategy will keep you busy all year long if you do it right. Because you have a massive “Why” and nothing will stop you (you are the real deal) picking up the phone to do this will be just another day at the home office. If this MLM marketing strategy daunts you then you need to go back to square one and ask yourself if you are really serious about living the life of your dreams. The MLM industry will deliver that for you if you are willing to pick up the phone and build relationships.

Of course if you are not confident in what to say just yet, use your up-line to guide you or do 3 way phone calls with them.

To get the full details of how to make this work for your business including the best 3 scripts that we have used in order to get referrals browse our Blog, we are more than happy to share these critical bits of information with you.

You can also get access to other MLM marketing strategies via our Webinars for free right here.

Aaron Byerlee
Home Business Expert

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