Does It Really Matter What You Wear If You want To Be A Top Income Earner?

  • October 22, 2013

Deck Chair Millionaires, I trust life is grand. For me it is sensational.

I am writing this Blog from the Sheraton lounge on Hastings St Noosa Heads Queensland. For those that don’t know Noosa you need to ASAP. It is a truly magical place and Hastings St is one of the most famous streets in Australia. I couldn’t think of a better place to kick back and build my business even bigger for a few hours today (even though I am finding it very hard to focus on my computer screen…….)

Noosa Office Sh2 Sh3

Today’s message is about your image, your brand, your first impression on prospects when they see you for the first time and how your dress code does matter. There are a lot of varying opinions on what you should wear as a Network Marketer or a Home Based Business promoter. Should you wear T-Shirt and flip flops to show the “Lifestyle” business and how wonderful it is, or should you wear a suit and tie to show how professional you are?

I have thought about this a lot, I have spoken to many top rated Networkers and I have tested and measured with conversion stats, first impression questions and surveys. My video below is my opinion on what you should wear and the image you want to present to new prospects if you want to be a highly paid networker and do it quickly.

Enjoy it, and as always please leave your comments, feedback and opinion in the comments section below. Don’t just read and “like.” Get involved with the conversation, put your hand up as the next Deck Chair Millionaire leader and share your comments and opinion. I hope my insights help you to grow your business faster and live life on your terms sooner.

See you in Noosa!!

Aaron Byerlee

Deck Chair Millionaire.


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