What does your perfect day look like?

  • April 14, 2013

If time and money did not matter where would you go? What would you do? Who would you spend it with? How does your perfect day look? If you don’t know I highly suggest you get a very clear vision of it in your head and then write it down and pin it up because that will provide you with the fuel, with the fire, with your WHY for doing all that you are doing.

Anyone that wants something spectacular from life needs to sacrifice certain things in order to have that life. You need to say no to something if you are to say yes to your perfect day, everyday. You need to work twice as hard as everyone else, you need to have that BURNING desire and you need to go through the ups and the downs. It’s not easy is it? I am sure you have experienced that by now.

I bet there have been times that you thought about giving up, that it is all to hard, but because you know deep inside that if you keep on going, if you stick with it, if you work hard you will succeed. You will get through it and you will live your dream lifestyle and experience that perfect day over and over again.

If you do not know what that day looks like then you are 100 X more likely to give up. You are 100 X more likely to not make it. If it is a mist in your mind then it will be a fog out there. You need to get crystal clear on WHY you are doing this, why you want wealth and what your perfect day consists of. It is very powerful for your success.

Write it down and pin it up and make sure you read it everyday. You see motivation does not work, if it did then there would be no motivational speakers left because we would all be motivated and…… game over. You will go through moments of motivation but it does not last. What does last is your mindset, your why and the crystal clear vision you have of your perfect day.

I would love to know what your perfect day consists of. Please share it below to inspire us all.

Perfect Day?

Look forward to helping you create that perfect day.


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