There Is Goal Setting And Then There Is Goal Setting That Works!

  • December 30, 2013

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Now, I know that you know how to set goals BUT far to often when I ask to see them people say “Oh they are in my head, I don’t need to write them down.” Far to often I see people fail to reach their goals year after year (there are 4 main reasons for this which I will reveal the webinar next week). So this year we are going to start you off with a bang so that you can finish off the year with an even bigger bang!!

In this webinar I am going to reveal to you how I set up my year in December/January and why it works every single year. Until I did it this way my results were ok…… kind of…. but now I double and triple business and income every year and apart from having the right vehicle and working hard I put the rest down to this process.

  • How I grew my traditional business by 200% in one year doing less work.
  • How I sold my traditional business and made a six figure income in Network Marketing in one year.
  • How I bought over a Million Dollars of property (that I still own) in one year.
  • How I increased my income last year by 300%
  • Why this year I will achieve more in 12 months than I have in the last 4 years combined.

It all started when I learnt goal setting the RIGHT way………….

They Key

The platform is in how you set up your year. How you plan each day, each week and each month. How you make sure you are doing “productive” income generating tasks each day instead of just being “busy” and spinning your wheels. How to make sure you stay focused and on track every single day using this technique.

You see, it’s not enough to just have “Goals,” if they are not written down I call them a pipe dream, a fantasy, a blur. Yes, start with a vision – a very clear vision that becomes a goal but you have to commit it to paper. But even that is not enough to make it work for you. This year I want to see you do it correctly. I want to see you go all the way together with me and achieve every singe goal you put down. I want you to have your best year ever.

Now, I did think about doing a tour to each one of your houses or offices to make sure you had everything written down, pinned up and structured. But then I looked at how big my data base was and how spread out around the world it was and thought that wasn’t really going to work and with the technology we have these days it’s not necessary. So a much better idea is to get you guys to send it in. Easy.

So I am going to run a webinar to make sure you are set up correctly, to make sure you do your goals in a powerful way that works and that you know the ongoing daily practices to make sure at the end of 2014 you are blown away by what you have achieved. This is your year.

But then we are also going to make sure we are accountable to each other and send in proof of our work completed. Deal? Good.

Look forward to seeing you on the Webinar next Monday night – 8:30pm EST Sydney time. It will fill up pretty quick as it is always a popular one, so make sure you register today right here and make sure you are early to get on next Monday night.

See you then Deck Chair Millionaires, I KNOW 100% that 2014 is going to be your biggest year yet.



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