My Perfect Day……..

  • August 18, 2009

Three years ago, I was aiming for the day when I could get out of my crappy one bedroom unit, live in a Penthouse on the water in Sydney, stop working 80 hours a week and have a worldwide Home Business that was going to set me up for life with Residual income. Well, today I have achieved that, but that is still a long way from my perfect day. I’m sure when my perfect day gets here in the next 24 months the vision and goal posts may have changed again. But until then below is pretty close to my perfect day.

I have this written up and have it pinned up in front of my work station right now, I look at it every day and I can see it clearly in my mind like it is my favourite movie. I also have a “picture” version of what that looks like on my vision board. Boats, the dream house, the car etc. I have even stayed in the exact house I want to own in Noosa. You have to see it, you have to believe it, you have to touch and feel it, you have to act upon what will get you there on a daily basis and it will become a reality for you.

What is your perfect day? Do you have a clear vision of what it looks like? Be specific, write it up and read it out every day – It is fun, it keeps you focused and it reminds you of why we are doing all this work right.

It is a powerful tool to help you reach your prefect day faster. I look forward to spending my perfect day with you. Read below to see what it entails. To your Ultimate Lifestyle.

Aaron Byerlee.

I just pulled up in the 4-car car park in my Porsche, after picking up organic BBQ supplies from the local Noosa Organic store. Earlier that day I was up early for a run through the forest and had a surf, followed by breakfast at the surf club with Nicole. We walked home with the newspaper and checked our emails and phone messages……….

That is a typical morning for us living in Noosa on the waterfront river. We earn in excessive of $150,000 a month residual income from our Home Business, which has now become an International worldwide business and runs on auto-pilot. On average we now work around 2 hours a day.

Back home I check my emails and phone messages, to our surprise a handful of our closest friends and business partners are coming up and staying for 2 nights at our house. Great – time for a party.

We spend the rest of the morning and until 2pm helping our team, doing a webinar, doing a teleconference, answering a few emails, negotiating a new house we bought in Brisbane, making sure our house in Adelaide in Glenelg is ready for our visit next week and booking our Europe trip for the winter.

At 2pm I pop out to buy some supplies for the BBQ we are going to have that night on the decking by the pool and spa with our friends. I jump in the Porsche and head to the Organic shop to buy supplies…………

Our friends love coming over because we have a 2 story, 7 bedroom luxury house right on the water. It also has a rumpus room, office, open plan kitchen and living area downstairs, which opens out onto a outdoor decking area and backyard with lawn, pool, spa and tennis court. The office is downstairs with a cinema, bathroom and seperate kids lounge area.

Upstairs is the bedrooms all with own bathroom and the rumpus room. We have a unique upstairs balcony with separate BBQ, spa, and outdoor entertaining area.

The outdoor area has its own Bali Bar with Plasma TV, outdoor sound system and palm trees. The pool spills out onto the river and own private little beach out the front along with swim up bar.

Nosa house

As I return, a few of the guys are already there. We decide to take the boat out for a spin before it gets dark. We hook up the wake-boards and skis and take 2 Jet Skis along for the ride. We spend 3 hours out on the river Jet Skiing and boating until it gets dark. Great fun!

Great sunset and the weather is still 28 degrees. Love it. The rest of the gang arrives and we get the BBQ going, crack a few Carona’s and sit around in the balmy night chatting about old times. We have made it.

The outdoor Plasma is on showing the footy, the tunes are going and some are in the pool watching the footy from there. Great times. Tomorrow, I better go for that run, surf, and meet the rest for breakfast. Noosa is a great place to live and bring up the kids. Tomorrow night is dinner at Rococo with the piano man. ………….This is my perfect day!

What is yours?

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