Motivation Pfffftttt…………

  • August 26, 2014

I love the local, national and International events in my business. Every time these events take place we have record sales, record commissions and record new titles. Everyone is soooooo MOTIVATED after these events. I hear comments like:

“I’m back”
“Now I’m ready to go”
“I’m now motivated enough to build a business”
“I can’t sleep”

This is great, this is why live events work and why you should build your whole business around live events. However, my point is – WHY NOT HAVE THIS ATTITUDE AND THIS LEVEL OF MOTIVATION LONG BEFORE THE EVENTS AND LONG AFTER?

Don’t wait for live events to motivate you. Don’t be motivated for 2 weeks after the event then fall back into your old habits.

Motivation does not work. Motivational speakers do not work. If they did they would speak once and then be out of business because everyone would be motivated, right?

Be that motivated person from within every single day. Don’t try and motivate your team – look for motivated people.

I explain more in this video:

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