MLM Marketing Series – 5

  • January 12, 2012

When it comes to MLM Marketing there are literally dozens if not hundreds of ways that you can do this. One of the best ways and the beautiful thing about this business is word of mouth marketing. It’s free and allows anyone with a burning desire to go forth and build a large MLM empire. Of course there are many other ways to market now days including the power of the Internet.

At my company “The Deck Chair Millionaires” we have pioneered the phrase “The New Age Of Network Marketing” because that’s exactly what is happening out there in the industry today. We no longer have to hassle friends and family, cold call or go door knocking.

The power of the Internet, the rise and popularity of MLM and the amount of people out there hurting and looking for an opportunity right now have created a massive Home Business Boom and in particular MLM. Tap into the new age of MLM Marketing and you will find yourself with a successful business.

Ok, this is article number 5 of my 7 series new age MLM marketing strategies. For the full details on the top 7 ways to market your MLM business and get hundreds of quality prospects each week you can visit our Blog here to see them all and put them into practice for your business.

The 3rd best way that we are generating hundreds of leads per week for our MLM business is through banner ads online.

Before you get into this strategy you will need to sit down and work out your budget. This is not one of the “cheapie” MLM marketing strategies. Most banners that we use on busy MLM sites cost us between $400 and $2,000 a month. But boy oh boy do they generate us some leads. Quality ones at that.

The second thing you will need to consider before jumping into this MLM marketing is your landing page website. When they click on the banner do you have a high converting landing page that captures your prospects name, email and phone number? If not you will be wasting a lot of money each month.

If you have the budget and you have tested your landing page website then away we go. This could possibly be the 3rd biggest MLM marketing lead generating technique that you will ever do.

Once confident that you are ready to go the rest is quite simple. Either design a banner yourself or outsource this to a design guru (recommended) and then place it on a high traffic MLM website and wait for the leads to pour in.

The two most important things you can do with this MLM marketing strategy is:
1: Choose the right website/s
2: Have the right copy and image on your banner (crucial)

If you get these two things wrong you will again be wasting money each month as you won’t be capitalizing on the mass traffic that is already visiting this 3rd part website.

To get the full details of how to make this work for your business including the best-tested headlines for you banners and the top 5 MLM websites to put them on please keep browsing our Blog. We are more than happy to share these critical bits of information with you.

You can also get access to other MLM marketing strategies via our Webinars for free right here.

Aaron Byerlee
Home Business Expert

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