MLM Marketing Series – 1

  • January 8, 2012

As is often said MLM is a simple business, but it’s not easy. Essentially your MLM success will come down to how well you market your business and products and how well you teach your team to do the same thing. My suggestion is to always break your MLM business down to 50% MLM Marketing and the other 50% of your time to teaching or training your team.

When it comes to MLM Marketing there are literally dozens if not hundreds of ways that you can do this. One of the best ways and the beautiful thing about this business is word of mouth marketing. It’s free and allows anyone with a burning desire to go forth and build a large MLM empire. Of course there are many other ways to market now days including the power of the Internet.

At my company “The Deck Chair Millionaires” we have pioneered the phrase “The New Age Of Network Marketing” because that’s exactly what is happening out there in the industry today. We no longer have to hassle friends and family, cold call or go door knocking.

The power of the Internet, the rise and popularity of MLM and the amount of people out there hurting and looking for an opportunity right now have created a massive Home Business Boom and in particular MLM. Tap into the new age of MLM Marketing and you will find yourself with a successful business.

Over the next 7 days I will putting out a 7 article series talking about my top 7 ways that I am generating a lot of quality leads for my business with the new age of MLM marketing.

So lets start off the series with my 7th best MLM marketing strategy (yet worthy) to generate leads for your MLM business. I will finish the series with the number 1 way that is working for us right now that generates hundreds of leads every single week and everything in between.

Street signs. Street signs are low cost, easy and quick to set up, take no special skills and will generate some good leads for you. They are not the biggest lead generators but they are some of the best quality leads.

If you think about it, someone that sees your street sign with your short and punchy message on it, website and or phone number has to either pull over in his/her car or stop walking and pull out a pen and paper to write down the details. If they then go home and look it up or call you they must be some what serious about finding out more because of the trouble they went to in order to follow through. Your MLM marketing is starting to work!

On top of that they are more than likely be a fellow local resident, so you can now go and meet with them one on one, build some rapport and your chances of enrolling them into your primary business are greatly increased.

Street signage as an MLM marketing strategy has a good conversion and from what we have found they are generally pretty good prospects. Tape your signs to poles, bridges, balconies, walls etc for maximum exposure.

The downside with these signs is that they are “frowned” upon by most local city councils and will most likely be taken down within two weeks of you putting them up. So you will have fun playing cat and mouse with the local council. For this reason make sure you keep this MLM marketing exercise as cheap as possible so that you can replace and add signs as you need to.

I would suggest a high converting website to put on the sign and/or a 1300 number with a recorded message to email service. Avoid mobile and cell numbers if possible to look as professional as possible.

To get the full details of how to make this work for your business including the best 3 headlines that we have used in order to get calls please keep browsing our Blog, we are more than happy to share these critical bits of information with you.

You can also get access to other MLM marketing strategies via our Webinars for free right here.

This is the key to your MLM business.

Aaron Byerlee
Home Business Expert

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