Jeunesse India

  • April 13, 2017

Jeunesse India is in full swing. All of our cosmetic products have being registered, all of our legal paper work has being lodged and approved and we will have an office in South Delhi very soon. This will be the biggest launch in MLM history in India.

Jeunesse Global is the fastest DSA company in history to reach $1 Billion in ANNUAL sales. Jeunesse is the fastest growing company in the world and the only MLM company in the last Inc500 Fastest growing companies to make the list. Jeunese Global is 7 years of age and still number 1 for momentum. We are open in 140 markets and now it is India’s turn to experience this phenomenon.

Jeunesse India is set to explode. The industry in India has been fragile to date with many flimsy and outright neglectful companies and opportunities allowed to penetrate the Indian people and industry. As a result, the industry was misunderstood and the good companies such as Amway were mixed into the whole “Bad name” of MLM in India. This has now all changed.

Part of the Jeunesse India strategy was to wait for the right moment to launch. Jeunesse could have launched into India 2 years ago, 5 years ago or 3 months ago. But if they had done that then nobody would have an opportunity with this amazing company 2 years from now. It would have got caught up in the confusion of the Indian MLM industry and government regulations. Legals would not have being done and product may not have been registered correctly etc.

Now in India the industry has being regulated and audited by the government which is fantastic news for the future of MLM in India. No more will average companies with average policies, practices and systems be tolerated, no longer will schemes be tolerated. The government along with the DSA of India will make sure that all companies must comply with new Indian standards and law. They must request and submit why and how they are a legitimate company and how they tick all of the boxes for Indian operations.


Network Marketing in India as a result of this will boom over the next decade. Combine this with the other half of India’s Billion people population coming online, the continued rising of middle class income citizens (Now more middle class income earners in India than the whole population of USA) and you have an incredible perfect storm of events for this industry in India. Jeunesse India are right at the forefront of this movement.

Entrepreneurs and Networkers in India have been waiting for this day. They have been waiting for the industry to be regulated and they have been waiting for a monster company like Jeunesse to launch the right way. While it has been a whisper for quite some time and many are finding it hard to wait, it will be worth it. June 2017 will see this company launch into the Indian market and everybody is talking about it. Indian Entrepreneurs are natural Networkers, but to date they have not really being able to showcase their true talents or earn their true net worth in this industry. Now they can with Jeunesse India.

Jeunesse Global is the closest thing to the fountain of youth that science can prove in 2017. The products will be very popular in India, the pay plan is second to none and the way the company is run is nothing short of genius. Integrity is at the forefront of this company from the owners down and Jeunesse is built in India as it is all over the world for the long term.

With the Jeunesse vision to be a $10 Billion plus annual company and the biggest in the world, India will have a large role to play in this growth. Within a few years India could very well be a top 10 market for Jeunesse. Possibly even a top 5 market over the long term.

Right now, as I write this post leaders are contacting our team daily ready to go. Jfire International truly is an international team. We have live events running all over the world, we have webinars running in different languages and different time zones all over the world every day, we have leaders travelling everywhere, we have support on the ground, we have online systems, online marketing and websites in different languages, online training resources as well as offline training and marketing materials. JFire International is a one stop shop for all Network marketing leaders to be successful in MLM fast in any country. Get ready for JFire India to explode!

If you are looking at joining Jeunesse India you need to reach out to me as soon as possible so that we can position you ahead of the curve. Ask about our leadership packages and support.

You will not see a company like Jeunesse launch into India any time soon. The industry is ready, India is ready, Jeunesse is ready, JFire is ready and I am ready to build big and fast with you in India. Get in touch with me today through my website.

If you wish to know more about Jeunesse you can check it out here.

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I look forward to seeing you in person in a few weeks and for many weeks, months and years to come. I can’t wait to work with my team to be the number 1 successful team in Jeunesse India. See you soon my friends.

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