It’s Official – Google Is Dead!!! (New Video)

  • October 6, 2010

Fellow Home Business Entrepreneurs, you may be able to relate to this, you may celebrate this big time or you may have just stumbled on the answer to Home Business success if you are getting started. No matter where you are on your Entrepreneurial journey you NEED to know this information, period.

You see, when I first got started in Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing I was generating over 50 leads every single day through Google Adwords. It was easy, they were converting like crazy and we were making some big money. Then all of a sudden Google in all their wisdom decided to “kill” Home Business owners on the adwords platform and even more recently on Youtube as well. Relate?

It didn’t make sense to me at the time. Google want to be the most relevant search engine that there is right? So what sort of experience do the ever growing 2 million people per month get when they are looking for “Home Business”, “Best Home Business”, “Best Network Marketing Business”, “How To Make Money Online” etc? Well they get tips on “Insurance for small business” and irrelevant crap like that pops up on the ads – not exactly what they were looking for. This still doesn’t make sense to me today, but I didn’t get caught up or dwell on the biggest traffic source drying up on me. Instead……..

We turned to Facebook ads. We were one of the first to advertise on Facebook PPC. We were so before our time that Facebook even banned our first two ad campaigns. They were following in Google’s footprints, but then they realised (and are smarter than Google) that the Home Business arena is Booming right now and is only getting bigger and bigger. Google didn’t want to know about it so Facebook changed their policies and made their PPC platform Home Business friendly filling a massive gap in the market place. That is when our leads really started taking off again.

In our business we are now generating more leads every day than we did from Google 4 years ago. They are more targeted, more responsive, higher converting and about 1/2 the price. Google who? We don’t need ya…. (Don’t tell them I said that). Celebrating yet?

My friend Jonathan Budd (The youngest Multi-Millionaire Network Marketer online) was experimenting with Facebook ads around the same time and was getting some great leads also. But what he has discovered (and I love how he explains it in this video) will get your heart rate up, your palms sweaty and your excitement feverish when you see this.

If you want to grow a Home Business that truly provides you with a 6 and 7 figure income then you will need to know this information, you will need to learn it, understand where it is going and apply it as soon as possible (you will see why in this video).

This is almost as big as Google right now, (evidence in video) but it will be many, many, many times bigger than what Google ever did for our Home Businesses (proof in video).

So get the information now by placing your information into the form below and be the first few people to put this into practice before the other 30,000,000 distributors in our industry find out about it and use it to your advantage. Of course if you want one on one support regarding the correct business vehicle to apply this to or how to put it all together then just contact us – that’s what we love to do as you can see from our Blog.

Aaron Byerlee

Co-founder – The Deck Chair Millionaires.


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