How To Make Your Prospects Buy Everything You Sell.

  • May 13, 2013

Getting leads is great, getting fans, likes and friends is great, getting prospects is great, getting sign ups is even better. But if no-one buys your product then you don’t make any money and you want to make money right?

Product purchasing is what makes the world go round. It is how you make money in business – any business. It’s what gives you volume and commission in your MLM business, it’s what makes you money with any online business and it is what keeps you in the black with your physical business. If you are not selling product – or more importantly if your fans, clients, friends, customers, team and prospects are not buying your product I can guarantee you that you are not making any money – you do not have a business (or you have a pyramid scheme).

Here are some tips to help you out with making sure people not only buy your product but actually scramble head over heel pushing other people out of the way to buy it:

  •  Be likeable and use the attraction marketing techniques that I always talk about both online and offline. People want to buy off you but they hate being sold to. People join people and they do business with people that they like and see value with.
  • Have a product that people WANT versus what they NEED. This way they will buy even in the tough times, they will become emotionally attached to it and won’t be able to be without it.
  • Have a product that the baby boomers want. One Billion people all the same age, in the same stage of their life, that have the spending capacity and control 65% of the economy. You better have something that they are after.
  • Have a product that appeals to the emerging online middle class Asian market. The shear population here that are getting online faster and faster with credit card in hand is creating one of the biggest wealth creation tools of all time.
  • Have a minimum of a 30 day money back guarantee. Studies show over and over that you will sell more, make more and profit more with far more purchases than returns if you have this in place, advertise it and implement it into your business. Have a quality product, believe in it and back it with a money back guarantee.
  • Have a monthly auto-ship option for automatic orders every single month for residual income, less hassles and work for you and the customer. All good business models have this set up. In my business I have 100% of my customers on this option. Residual income is sweet!!
  • Social proof. Nothing sells like social proof. Make sure you have testimonials, before and after photos, pictures, videos, media releases etc of what the product can do for the customer.
  • Have a consistent presence. Heard of the saying “Out of sight out of mind?” this is very true. Make sure your prospect is consistently hearing about your product through social media, email, phone calls, events, media etc. People will buy and keep buying if they see the masses doing the same, they will buy and keep buying if they keep hearing about it and see all of the social proof. Keep it in front of their face as much as you can.
  • Scarcity – “Only 13 bottles left for the month.” “Special for the first 7 that buy this month” etc. People won’t want to miss out if you have done everything else right and then implement this strategy.
  • Lastly  – Call to action. If you don’t ask for the business you will rarely get it, no matter how attractive you are.

Buy Now

They are just a few of the ways that you can make sure your prospects, fans, friends, leads, team mates and customers not only buy product but will continue to do so time and time again.

If you want to find out how a friend of mine – Diane Hochman put these strategies into place and killed it, so much so that she became financially free and even created a product around exactly what we have been talking about here check it out here:

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Now you can too. Click here to check out Diane’s story and her product that she created to help others crack the code with this. It is an important piece of the puzzle.

Good luck with this new knowledge, I have no doubt that it will help you on the way to becoming a Deck Chair Millionaire.

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