Business For Sale Sydney

  • October 23, 2017

“Business For sale Sydney” is a search term that you are looking for?

Be careful. Are you looking to get into business (or another) business for yourself? My advice is to make sure you get into the NEW AGE OF BUSINESS. Not the traditional old school model. I have been in business for myself for the last 20 years. I have done all kinds of business. By far and away the new age of business is what you need to look for – No staff, work from home, work your own hours, have a GLOBAL audience, no risk, no overheads but high returns that run automatically. This is the new age of business and this is the boom business for Entrepreneurs today.

If you are looking for Business For Sale Sydney why would you pay a bucket load of cash? Why would you risk a lot of money with big overheads and staff that come and go? Why would you pay big office rental, put up with peak hour traffic, work long hours and be away from your family? Why would you service the local area, state or country when you can easily have a global audience today? Why risk old school when you can easily go new age today?

I was in “traditional” business for 14 of the last 20 years. It was great in the beginning, but the world has changed. You do not have to be technical guru to have an online global business. I was (and still aren’t) very technical at all. As they say, “Low tech – High Cheque” By the end of 14 years I was over it. I was spending what I was making just to stay afloat, I had lost the passion for business, I was working 100 hours per week and I had a limited audience to serve. I decided to look at the new age of business and what was possible. The rest they say is history. With 10 hours per week at home after hours and weekends I replaced my income from traditional business within 9 months. So, I sold up my business and went full time working from home on my new age business.

Since then I have made millions of dollars and most importantly lived the lifestyle that I always dreamed of. So if you are typing in “Business for sale Sydney” because you want to be your own boss, just think about what sort of business you want, what sort of lifestyle you want, what sort of hours do you want to work, because old school business sounds great to fire your boss but in reality, you just created a new boss that will make you work even harder (you) but with more risk.

Business is great. Just choose the right mentor and the right model. Having lived in Sydney for 7 years and having two businesses in Ryde and Burwood I know how hard Sydney life can be with traffic, expense and competition. But it is also one of the most beautiful cities in the world in my opinion. To be able work from home and skip the traffic and public transport, spend time with the family, choose the suburb you want to live in, take time off whenever you want to jump on a ferry and go to Watsons Bay, Bondi or just hang at any of the cool cafe scenes is now a great lifestyle. But Sydney the opposite to that can eat you alive.

It’s time to start living, not spinning on that treadmill. If you are looking for a Business for sale Sydney then look no further. You can be living life on your terms very quickly.

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