Attraction Marketing – Why it’s killing your business!

  • January 15, 2012

Attraction Marketing hey? It’s such a sexy term these days especially in the MLM industry. Does it work? Yes it does if you know what the top leaders know and if you are serious about your business, your dreams and your goals.

But for most people it is a convenient way out and it is killing their business.

Let me explain; Attraction Marketing is the term used to describe people coming to you as opposed to you pushing your business on to people. How cool does that sound? Instead of cold calling, selling, hassling and pushing the business and products people come to you and ask if they can join your business and buy your products instead. How amazing is that? Fact or fiction?

Well the truth is that it is possible to make this happen in time if done right. But just like the movie “The Secret” people read into it what they want to and use it as an excuse to avoid pain and rejection. For example, after the movie “The Secret” was released (I presume you have seen it) people were complaining that they were visualizing their dream car, dream house, lottery winnings etc but they never came to fruition. The Secret was obviously a scam right? Wrong. The principals of the secret work if you work at it. Your dream life doesn’t just show up over night through visualization and I think people knew that.

It’s the same with attraction marketing. People are fearful about picking up the phone and calling leads, they procrastinate about building relationships and they are not prepared to go out and meet people face to face. These are the bare essentials in building a successful MLM business. So what do people turn to in order to avoid rejection and hard work? Attraction Marketing and the Internet.

“I know, I’ll use attraction marketing to make people come to me instead of making calls.” So they set up a Blog, post incredible status updates on Facebook, Tweet and maybe even set up a capture page and an auto-responder series.

The check their Facebook messages, emails and Blog comments, only to ask “why isn’t everyone wanting to join my business? I have been putting it out there that my business is so amazing, I put up on Facebook how good my products are and I even have a few people opt in to my website. I don’t understand why I don’t have dozens of people lining up to join my business.”

You see people will spend all day on Facebook “chatting,” posting messages, spam and updating their status to avoid phone calls, meetings and rejection. People will not come to you asking to join your business through attraction marketing initially. You can waste 2 years trying that and sign up 0 people and wonder what is going wrong. Or you can understand how it really works, set up an attraction marketing system that will really work for you in your spare time while spending your productive time enrolling people and growing your business.

Be very careful about your perception of attraction marketing and be very, very careful about teaching it to your team, it may just be the thing that stops them doing the every day activities that work in MLM.

Attraction marketing is best utilized, taught and understood offline first. Here it can work for you in a big way quickly and initially with your business. Meet people, phone people, build relationships but don’t “pitch” your business. Ask about them, take an interest and then briefly explain what you do. If they show interest then you can expand on your business. This is attraction marketing – you have built some quick rapport, maybe even a relationship and now they like you and want to know more.

You can also use the take away here for great effect such as changing the subject back to them, or saying “you probably wouldn’t be interested but…….” If they are the right people they won’t be able to resist coming to you to find out more. (Attraction marketing at its best offline). If you just started selling your business or products hardcore to a stranger straight up they will run a mile (opposite to attraction marketing). But if you sit in the corner with your expensive shoes and flash suit saying nothing no-one is going to come up to you and ask about it either. There is a fine balance.

MLM is a relationship business, a trust business and a people business. If you are not prepared to speak with people and build relationships it will not work for you in a big way long term.

Can attraction marketing work for you then, or is it just a fast? Well the answer is that it can work for you if done right. It will take some time to set up your social media correctly and build your list and following. Once that is done you will need to work at constant interaction with that following. Constant emails, Facebook interaction, Tweeting, Blog posts etc. This may take you 1, 2 or maybe 3 years to get enough of a following to make it work for you and that’s why you need to set it up in your spare time and not make it your focus in the beginning, otherwise you will set yourself up for failure.

Now here is the key, the secret to making it work for you. Once set up correctly people will start sending you Facebook messages asking you how come your are on holidays again? (because of your MLM business of course) people will start emailing you asking for advice, people will start calling you asking to join your business, you will get people opting into your website. You now have the right people believing in you. Now you need to call them. Call them, call them, call them. People can come to you all day long, but if you don’t connect with them personally they will move on very quickly.

In summary, attraction marketing can work for you if done right over a period of time if you are prepared to follow them up personally. It can kill your business if you spend your whole time trying to make this work for you initially, it will kill your business if you don’t connect with people and it will kill your business if you don’t do it correctly.

There is a fine line between pushing your business and products onto everyone and trying to sell, sell, sell before building the relationship (this will never work) and sitting back waiting for people to join your business through attraction marketing (this also will never work).

Do the bare essentials initially to build your business, get some runs on the board, set up and understand your attraction marketing system the right way in your spare time and then and only then can you enjoy the fruits of attraction marketing working for you without killing your business.

To make sure you are going about attraction marketing the right way please feel free to contact us at any time, we love helping people in any company be successful. To use the number 1 “automated, done for you” attraction marketing system on the Internet today specific to MLM get it set up here.

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