At What Stage Do You Jump On A Plane To Expand Your MLM Empire?

  • April 14, 2013

I see this mistake in Network Marketing all the time. Someone gets a lead for their business overseas and gets all excited or someone signs up a person interstate and thinks they have made it. They jump on a plane, spend thousands because they want to support their new team member which is admirable, but what often comes next is disappointment and a blown out budget.

When is the right time to travel to destinations you believe you can create a great team for your business? When do you invest into that market? When is the right time to travel and support your team?

One very powerful thing you can do before you can afford to travel the globe every month building your business is to tap into your up-line travels and events. If your up-line is not supporting you with this or are not travelling, then it may be time to find a new up-line. If your business is not in at least 50 plus countries then you have a dinosaur company and it may be time to get up with the new age of network marketing.

Apart from that check out my tips here for growing your business abroad. It really does come down to leadership.

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