Are You A Camper, Climber or Puller?

  • August 14, 2009

Ten years ago when completing a personal development seminar I come across an interesting concept.

It was categorising people into 3 categories. 1. Climber 2. Camper and 3. Puller. At a recent seminar this concept again was bought to my attention so I will share this with you so you can identify where you fit.

I will start with the CAMPER because this represents 60% of the population. The camper has the old she will be right attitude. They are very happy with where they are at and rarely take massive risks. Do not get me wrong most a well educated and successful but often will live the typical life of get a great job, buy a house, invest in a few shares (advised by your financial planner) maybe secure another investment property and settle down with a very comfortable life. Sounds pretty good, and there is nothing wrong with this model but will most likely never be able to stop work today and travel for 12 months and just work when you want too. It is a safe, comfortable and great model.

Second is the PULLER. These people are dangerous to be around. Actually if you spend too much time with these type of people chances are you will not be moving in the right direction. They are pessimistic, they will knock every positive suggestion, they have a cant do attitude, they knock tall poppy’s and will try and pull CAMPERS and CLIMBERS back to there level. Unfortunately these can often be your friends and family. So make sure you are aware of this concept and do not fall into the trap of the negative talk. IF YOU HAVE A GOAL AND A DREAM DO NOT LET A PULLER STOP YOU. Worst case scenario reduce the time you spend with them or absolute worst case avoid them.

The CLIMBER – There is no stopping this person. They have a very positive attitude, a high achiever, high-risk taker and does not have any negative words in their dictionary. They continually educate and improve and will take risks to get ahead. The biggest thing of all is they take ACTION.

Where do you fit?

If you are a camper, put a plan in place to become a climber, it may be take advice from a successful person, it may be continual education. It may just be a more positive attitude.

To your success

Aaron and Craig

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